By Handing


What is Handing?

Handing is an innovative platform for institutional communication and parental involvement that connects the school and the family, as they have never been before.

Our innovative configuration, coupled with two-way messaging, online participation and an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, ensures that communication, coordination and collaboration processes between all members of an educational community are much more agile, efficient and effective compared to traditional school communication media (website, e-mail, communication notebook, newsletters, blogs, photocopies, virtual classrooms, SMS and academic management systems).

Who uses Handing?

All adults (educators and parents) who are part of an educational community use Handing to communicate daily between yes, always stay informed, in contact and better organized. Teachers and students use Handing to share information, resources and conversations of common interest inside and outside the classroom.

What kinds of actions can I take in Handing?

The school (directors-teachers-non-teaching staff) and the family (parents-students) can produce, send, receive and manage from a single place, all the information that they usually share through the communications notebook, the printed notes, the institutional web site, the electronic mail, the telephone, the chat and the virtual classroom. In summary, Handing allows each member of the community, respecting their role and position within the institution, to disseminate news, announcements and alerts, share documents, images, movies and links. Request and receive documents online. Coordinate and organize events, assign tasks and talk in current time, among others.

Is the information private and secure?

Always! Communications in Handing are accessible only by people who belong to a community

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