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This FREE guitar chords finder is designed to help you quickly discover guitar chords.

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Chords for the following:

• Triads:

maj, min, 5, sus2, sus4, augmented , diminished °

• Tetrads:

7, 7sus4, m7, Maj7, m7♭5, °7, 7, mMaj7, add9, madd9, 6, m6, m♭6

• Extended:

9, 11, thirteen, 9sus4, 13sus4, m9, m11, m13, mMaj9, Maj9, Maj13, 9

• Altered:

Maj7♯eleven, 9♭5, 7♭9, 7♯9, 7♭5♯9, 7♯eleven, 7♭5, m9♭5, 7♭9, 7♯9

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