GUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chords


GUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chordsGUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chordsGUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chordsGUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chordsGUITAR CHORD (Basic) - Guitar chords

This is the App of guitar chords library.

You can verify the guitar chords and their sounds.

12 keys x 32 chords x 3 fingering positions are included.

This is easy and easy to make use of guitar chords App.

Recommended for beginners and all guitarists!

Use this App to improve your guitar apply, please.

●12 x 32 x 3 = 1152 guitar chord diagrams

12 keys x 32 chords are included.

Also, it contains 3 types of fingering positions (tips on how to press down), so there are 1152 sorts of guitar chord diagrams.

●Check the chord sounds

You can examine the sound by tapping or sliding strings.

(By tapping 'Star pick' on the proper of the screen, it will routinely sound the stroke tone.)

●For Left handed

This App helps lefty guitars (left handed guitars), additionally.

You can swap on the title screen.

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