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Gajino is the platform for Gage online training. By subscribing to Gajino, you can access the electronic file of all Gage and the White Crow books and the series of educational videos. Make your own.


Finding the right curriculum these days is as valuable as finding the Milky Way roadmap. Curriculum planning should tell you how to read to stabilize the content in your mind. Gagino could be the roadmap for your school galaxy. The path of this map tells you to start from your textbook, watch instructional videos, check your textbook exercises with us, fix the material in your mind with two-choice questions, and test yourself with a test at the end of the chapter and hug your success stars.

Online Exam

In Gajino, a test is held every two weeks in accordance with Gage's national exams. You can see the budget of the exams in the online exam section and by subscribing to Gajino for free in this Take exams and compete with your competitors with the help of Gage's large statistical community. At the end of the exam, you can also receive your initial report card and descriptive answer and wait for your final report card to come to see how much you have progressed.

Turbojet exam

After seeing a complete training in Any topic you can use these tests to fix the content in your mind. Turbo is a set of two-choice tests that help you learn. Basically, the purpose of the two-choice learning tests is to repeat and review the tests at different time intervals.

End-of-Chapter Test

At the end of each chapter, there is a test of all the topics in the same chapter, including questions. There are four options. Depending on the percentage you earn in each test, you will earn between one and three stars from that season. The way these stars are used in each period is different and you can see the intended prizes from the scores page.

Gajino E-Library

There are over 3500 free e-books in Gajino that you can add to your book with the blink of an eye. Build a mobile library of Gage books you need for yourself with Gajino. A magical library no matter what

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