FunPik - Get ready for TOPIK


FunPik - Get ready for TOPIKFunPik - Get ready for TOPIKFunPik - Get ready for TOPIKFunPik - Get ready for TOPIKFunPik - Get ready for TOPIK

Study and Play!

FunPik, a good way to get ready for TOPIK.

Main capabilities:

1. Find precisely what you have to examine based on your proficiency

▶ Level tests → Test results → A tailor-made course of study

▶ Daily quests / Quizzes / Vocabs

2. Lots of fun, tons to learn

▶ Improve your Korean and attain a better level

▶ Always Learn more for more rewards

▶ Visit all eight provinces of Korea and broaden your collection

3. Our FunPik group promises to ship quality studying experience!

▶ We supply learning materials in numerous formats and issue levels

▶ We make quizzes and checks based on consumer data

▶ We replace our supplies each month so you gained't get bored!

“Are you ready on your journey?”

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