Funny Food 123! Kids Number Games for Toddlers

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Funny Food 123! Kids Number Games for ToddlersFunny Food 123! Kids Number Games for ToddlersFunny Food 123! Kids Number Games for ToddlersFunny Food 123! Kids Number Games for ToddlersFunny Food 123! Kids Number Games for Toddlers

Counting and early educational arithmetic for the smallest kids. Funny game, that can help your toddler to study numbers - that’s all you want.Make sure that your child shall be thinking about studying after playing our sport.

By enjoying with fun fruit and veggies, your baby will prepare their reminiscence, counting skills and develop their attention span and logic! Easy arithmetic for infants and kids.

Your youngster can play number games for preschoolers with our cute characters by themselves! Toddlers video games for 3 year old will assist to study numbers for teenagers.

NUMBER CAKE - Decorate the birthday cake with beautiful frosting characters! (Counting for toddlers)

SHOP - Buy groceries at the store: rely the meals and the coins! (Counting for youths)

FUN SHOOTING GALLERY - Shoot on the balloons and study count to 10! (Develops attention span, reflexes and fantastic motors abilities.)

MAGIC GARDEN - Grow real greens in a miracle-backyard and count them! (Counting games for teenagers.)

MAKE COOKIES - Bake and share math cookies with cute little animals!

CAFE - Take orders and feed the animals! Educational games for kids kindergarten

SPACEPORT - Counting games for toddlers free: get a group together for a visit into area!

FACTORY - Help the animals count to 10 and pack their meals! (Comparison: kind of.)

FUNNY ELEVATOR - Help the funny foods stand up to their flooring!

PIZZA - Divide the delicious pizza to share with your folks! (Builds familiarity with fractions.)

ROLLER COASTER - Put the funny vegetables and fruits in the right order for the journey!

TELEPHONE - Help your mates talk on the phone! Educational video games for teenagers kindergarten

SPACE TRIP - Steer your ship into open area and help the humorous foods journey to far-off planets! (Relative quantities)

LIFEGUARDS - Save the funny meals from a desert island!


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