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Aptitude and Career Test

is a personality check aimed at younger folks in the MENA area to familiarize them with their private characteristics, their mental talents and their scientific tendencies, it also aims to guide them to the university specialties that are most applicable for them.


Aptitude and Career Test

is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Easy and easy.
  • Free.
  • Based on scientific analysis and confirmed theories.
  • Extensive and complete.

Test Foundations

This test was based mostly upon in-depth analysis and recommendation from specialists in the area, in addition to many preliminary tests. It was developed based mostly on a number of worldwide exams which have proven their accuracy and effectivity. These checks embody:

  1. The Big Five personality traits/OCEAN mannequin that measures 5 major dimensions:
    • Openness to expertise.
    • Conscientiousness.
    • Extraversion.
    • Agreeableness.
    • Neuroticism.

  2. The Myers-Briggs type indicator, commonly known as the MBTI. It evaluates the persona traits primarily based on 4 primary components:
    • Extraversion (E) Vs Introversion (I)
    • Sensing (S) Vs Intuition (N)
    • Thinking (T) Vs Feeling (F)
    • Judging (J) Vs Perceiving (P)

  3. IQ assessment that measures a spread of cognitive skills and offers a rating that is supposed to serve as a measure of an individual's intellectual skills and potential.

Test sections

The Aptitude and Career Test is split into 4 primary sections as follows:

  1. Personality Test:
  2. Which lets you acknowledge:

    • Your personality traits
    • Your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. IQ and Mental Abilities Test
  4. Which permits you, by way

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