Drops: Learn Polish. Speak Polish.

By Language Drops

Drops: Learn Polish. Speak Polish.Drops: Learn Polish. Speak Polish.

What if ? Polish language studying could be a crazy fun recreation instead of the usual memorization drills? With Drops, it’s a simple and enjoyable studying Polish experience with sensible vocabulary that sticks to your reminiscence with its catchy graphics, and quick mini-games.

The crazy part? It solely takes 5 minutes a day to practice Polish vocabulary. Sounds counter productive however it works like a charm! :)

These are the elements of our secret sauce:

100 percent illustrated: Images instantly carry a that means - there’s no want to make use of your native language at all! Nothing within the center to get you second guessing. It’s quicker, efficient, and definitely extra fun for every day Polish language learning! :)

5 min sessions: Limited time for apply sounds crazy but that’s what makes it extremely addictive – which is a cool thing for learning Polish phrases. There’s near zero barrier entry for causes not to learn. You’ll don't have any excuses even on the busiest day!

Effortless play: Games are addictive and fun, and we distilled these because the essence of Drops. The finish result? A actually immersive Polish language studying experience that isn't a waste of time since when you are playing you're additionally constructing a useful knowledge in language.

⚡Quick: Keyboarding typing is sluggish. With Drops, faucets and fast swipes is all you want for learning Polish. Trust us, these additional seconds are handy during the game studying session. ;)

Vocabulary only: No grammar, just curated practical phrases. These two are our focus and we do it pretty well! The Drops app teaches Cantonese and Mandarin too!

Forge a behavior: We need to make you an addict to language learning. An established habit an efficient method is what works with Polish language! And that is the combo that Drops helps you build!

We are happy with our lovely word pronunciations from our skilled voice talents!

Drops is free to use for casual learners with ninety nine matters, and 1700 Polish phrases to select from. Hardcore language learners can opt-in for our premium plans with unlimited studying time and to progress quicker. Susbscription plans begin from $2.ninety nine per month.

Empowering individuals via Polish language information is our goal, with Drops as a particular device that makes use of a common language that we are ready to all speak: pictures!

P.S. A friendly warning, this language learning app can really get you addicted to studying. :)

If you love Chinese Drops as much as we loved building it, please depart us a review! :) Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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