By ShiftRot


This app is for many who perceive Vim and unix.

DroidVim is a Vim clone textual content editor ported for Android.

Vim 8 (large model, multi language), grep, diff and ctags are ready to use.

▼ Required - ARM (Android 4.1 and up), x86 (Android 4.3 and up)


▼ External storage support - External SD card, USB memory, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and so on. (Requires Android 4.4 and up)

▼ Special Keys - Esc, Ctrl, Tab, Arrow keys and more.

▼ Direct enter - Disabling predictive textual content and/or auto correction for regular mode.

▼ Clipboard - Clipboard commands (*p *y) are supported.

▼ Custom Font - Use your favourite monospaced font.

▼ Touch to maneuver - Touch, swipe, flick to maneuver cursor.

▼ Multi language - Vim with multi byte option, iconv and multi language messages.

Extra options (in-app purchase):

▼Git - Version Control System.

▼Python - Programming language.


DroidVim is an open source challenge.

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