Dritdi - Science and Anatomy

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Dritdi - Science and AnatomyDritdi - Science and AnatomyDritdi - Science and AnatomyDritdi - Science and Anatomy

Do you want to learn science in a video game engine?

Then Dritdi is for you

Within the application you will find two learning modules available, one based on 3D models with the which you can interact, rotate, select, discover its components, as well as a description of its function.

In the same way we have a 2D module in which we develop science topics made with sprites, animations, descriptive text and fluid navigation.

The 3D models available are:

- Sexual Education: Hormonal intrauterine device, Copper intrauterine device, Menstruation, Condom, How to put a condom ?, Spermatobioscopy, Cytology cervical (7)

- Biochemistry: Atom, Chromosome, DNA (3)

- Cell Biology: Eukaryotic cell, Prokaryotic cell (2)

- Microbiology : Human immunodeficiency virus, Human papilloma virus, Coronavirus, Influenza virus, (4)

- Anatomy: Uterus, External female anatomy, (2)

In total you will find 18 3D models. We temporarily withdraw 9 (before 27)

In module 2D you will find:

Ecology: Climate change and its relationship with environmental problems

Biology: Organization of the matter, Cell: Unity of life

Health: How are vaccines made?

Anatomy: - Female External Genitalia Anatomy and Uterus Anatomy

In development for future updates

- Intrauterine Device

Attention: Android 7 devices will probably not be able to download the application.

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