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Doctorabad is a virtual land of medical sciences, where it is composed of different sections and everyone has a cottage for themselves!

Doctorabad Training Center

Iranian video training courses, dubbing And the main language from around the world in the field of medical sciences

Organizing lesson by lesson in the form of a tree diagram

View with half price Internet with the first mobile operators, Irancell and Rytl


Automatically adjust playback quality based on internet speed

Ability to take notes while viewing

Ability to increase playback speed

Doctorabad tools

My Pharmacy (drug bank including category, mechanism of action, brand names, drug forms, prescription for adults elderly children, contraindications, use in pregnancy and lactation, side effects, poisoning, more tips and image gallery) Medical Databases such as Aptodite Database

Medical Calculators such as BMI, GFR

Dr. Abad Download Center

Medical Science Books (Reference Persian and…)

Course summaries in the form of interactive PowerPoints

Medical journals of student organizations

International journals

App Medical Sciences

Presentations of Medical Sciences

Dr.abad Test Center

Medical Sciences Question Bank at all levels in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing And /

Ability to filter questions by lesson and topic

Show free test questions Answers

Add custom questions to favorites

Test maker with the place of manual construction of the desired test

Possibility to buy single tests

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