Tahlil Prayers and Complete Dzikir

By Pustaka Islam

Tahlil Prayers and Complete DzikirTahlil Prayers and Complete DzikirTahlil Prayers and Complete DzikirTahlil Prayers and Complete DzikirTahlil Prayers and Complete Dzikir

The Tahlil Prayer and Complete Dzikir application has several materials including:

Morning and Evening Dhikr

Dzikir comes from Arabic which means remembering. And as a human being, of course in his life he is never free from problems.

Every day sins increase, and life's challenges are also more varied. There are many ways that humans can deal with conflicts of soul and mind. And as Muslims, one of these ways is to remember Allah SWT through recitation.

As Allah SWT says in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 152 which means: Pray (remember) you to Me, I will undoubtedly will remember you too! (Surah Al-Baqarah; 152).

Dzikir After Fardhu Prayer

After completing the prayer service, do not rush to leave your place of prayer. Sit for a moment to do dhikr and also pray to Allah SWT. Because the time after prayer is one of the most effective times to pray.

But before praying, it would be better if you start with recitation of dhikr first. Besides making our hearts calm and peaceful, dhikr is also a means for us to remember and get closer to Allah SWT.

Yasin and Tahlil

Tahlilan is the ritual of reciting the tahlil recitation that has been prevalent in Indonesian society for hundreds of years. The community usually recites tahlil in order to pray for new bodies at their graves, grave experts who have been buried for a long time, and pray for grave experts in commemoration of 1-7 days, 15 days, forty days, one hundred days, a thousand days at the disaster expert's house.

Complete Prayer of Tahlil and Dzikir

The community also recites the recitation of tahlil at the commemoration of haul, arwahan (ruwahan) in the month of ruwah, the end of Sha'ban, end of Ramadan, during family gatherings for social gathering, for example, marriage salvation (walimahan), aqiqahan salvation, walimatus safar, muludan, Isra and Mi'raj, Shura'an salvation (m

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