Wake up knowing

By ARC-Projects

Wake up knowingWake up knowingWake up knowingWake up knowingWake up knowing

Curious, interesting and fun facts every day!

Fill your days with the freshness of knowledge and be the protagonist in a conversation.

Enjoy different short articles, but accurate from Monday to Friday, they will leave you with a good taste in your mouth and wanting to see even more.

Don't limit yourself to what you already know! You can always know more.

Every curious piece of information is interesting and if it is not, at least it is fun!

We wanted to design a comfortable system so that the user feels comfortable with the application and be part of it, that is why we include:

• A new interface

Various sections between which you can navigate in a simple and intuitive way. A totally renewed design making its appearance more attractive.

• A survey system

Because yes, we are very interested in knowing what the people who use our App think and we also want to do something that people want to see. These are not for profit, they are simply for the App to be more of the community.

• Profile with achievements

To add more dynamism to the App we wanted to add achievements each time You complete certain objectives.

• Collaborate

Do you want a theme to be in the application? Well you can send it and we will publish it giving you the credits!

• Download the articles

If you don't have mobile internet you can download the articles to be able to see them wherever you go.

• Night mode

Don't let the darkness atrophy your vision and activate the night mode to read with all the comfort you deserve.

• Likes

It is now possible to give a heart (a like) to the artworkicles. This will be used later to display content to your liking.

And we still have many more ideas to implement! But for this we will seek your approval first :)

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