Conni Mathe 1st Class - LITE

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Conni Mathe 1st Class - LITEConni Mathe 1st Class - LITEConni Mathe 1st Class - LITEConni Mathe 1st Class - LITEConni Mathe 1st Class - LITE

Now the new generation of learning apps is coming: Conni Learning Fun! Try ONE of nine learning areas for free with the LITE version in the AppStore!

Conni Learning Fun - one school year, one subject, one app.

Conni Learning Fun: Everything for the 1st grade: Calculate.

Developed under educational supervision.

Closely matched to the curriculum for elementary school, all important arithmetic operations of the 1st grade are practiced with this app. As always, learning with Conni is a lot of fun!

What distinguishes this progressive learning app?

-comprehensive: NINE learning areas are gradually unlocked.

-Motivating: the three-level reward system keeps you motivated even with regular practice:

Owl Badge: Learning area completed without errors

Bee Badge: Learning area successfully completed on three different days .

Rabbit badge: learning area completed particularly quickly

-sound: Conni gives helpful learning tips for each learning area. Both the tasks and the learning tips were developed in close cooperation with educators and with regard to the primary school curricula.


individual feedback helps to understand mistakes and it to do right next time

variable task modes and levels of difficulty take into account the learning progress of the children and thus enable continuous practice throughout the first school year.

Thanks to varied and smart audio comments, the app is fun even with repeated playthroughs.

Learning areas:


Get from the sneeze the dragon Merlin red dots. These only disappear when you count them and type in the correct number. If you make a mistake, numbers appear on the dots when you tap them again and Conni counts aloud.

Sequences of numbers

Treasure chests are stacked in the treasury of the knight's castle. Since the treasurer is very neat, he numbered them and put a spell on them: the chests can only be opened in the right order.


(Try this learning area for free in the Conni Learning fun LITE version!!)

Mouse Felix wants to go to his girlfriend Amelie. Unfortunately some castle battlements are missing on the way to his damsel. In order to help the two castle mice, the correct character (greater than, less than or equal to) must be pushed into the gap between the numbers.

Plus tasks

The king and queen collect all theirs Crowns on a shelf. In this learning area, the different crowns must be added up.

Breaking up numbers

Breaking up numbers is practiced with the help of two cannons. To do this, the cannons must be loaded in such a way that the two numbers on the balls add up to the value of the large number.

Minus tasks

The ghost Gundolf leaves some of the knight's helmets on the shelf during the witching hour disappear. The transparent helmets must be removed to solve the task.

Swap tasks

The residents of the two castle towers swapped their laundry on laundry day. In order to solve the task, the related exchange tasks must be selected and then calculated.

Reversal tasks

First, as in memory, the bats with the corresponding pairs of tasks must be found. Then the reversal task is calculated.

Tens transition

In this learning area, the tens transition is practiced. A summand or a subtrahend is first broken down to ten and the task is calculated to the end in a second step.


help function: Conni explains the task

-Learning tip: Conni gives a learning tip for the current learning area

-Settings: Level of difficulty adjustable depending on the learning area:

Number space


Difficulty of the tasks

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