Color Shape Puzzle - Fun education series


Color Shape Puzzle - Fun education seriesColor Shape Puzzle - Fun education seriesColor Shape Puzzle - Fun education seriesColor Shape Puzzle - Fun education seriesColor Shape Puzzle - Fun education series

Let's try a puzzle and develop your perception and logical thinking abilities!

This is a puzzle sport in which multiple overlapping shapes are rearranged and rotated to create a goal sample.

Through play, children will develop their capability to understand objects and clear up problems.



Here are the directions on tips on how to solve the puzzle.

●Level 1 to 9

There are squares, pentagons and hexagons within the puzzles.

The variety of sheets to be stacked increases to three, 4, and 5 sheets.

The puzzles progress from simple problems to progressively tougher ones.


Let's attempt much more puzzles!

We'll provide you with 5 randomly selected puzzles which might be troublesome to unravel.

◆Aims of learning

- Visual cognitive ability: observing and greedy figures.

- Spatial awareness: Recognizing the shape, course and place of objects.

- Concentration and perseverance: face the issue in front of you.

- Problem solving abilities: Thinking about what is critical to unravel an issue.

- Imagination and Inspiration: Picture the trail to the right answer in your mind.

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