Clefs: Music Reading Trainer

By Crazy Ootka Software AB

Clefs: Music Reading TrainerClefs: Music Reading TrainerClefs: Music Reading TrainerClefs: Music Reading Trainer

Ever wondered the way to learn these mysterious indicators on five traces? What is a treble clef? What is a bass clef? Sight reading? Prima vista?

Clefs is the last word utility that may allow you to find solutions to these questions and so much extra. You will learn to learn sheet music and the way to write music down on the stave.

Clefs features a course seven chapters of complete over 200 music reading and writing lessons designed in development from easiest to most tough to show you reading music on hottest clefs in trendy music. A highly effective custom train editor will empower you to create fantastic tuned exercises on your calls for and wishes.


* More than 200 music studying and writing classes break up into 7 chapters with exams

* Powerful customized lesson editor

* Introductory concept for every chapter

* Detailed daily statistics

* Daily workouts generated specifically for you

* Support for utilizing your MIDI-keyboard in sight reading exercises

* Competitive Game mode (coming soon)

* Simple and beautiful design supporting mild and darkish themes.

Clef comes from builders of Perfect Ear - a highly rated probably the most downloaded music training app in the Play Store.

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