Classic Sudoku

By RC4812

Classic SudokuClassic SudokuClassic SudokuClassic SudokuClassic Sudoku

Powerful traditional sudoku for android.

Classic game for mobile phones and tablets.

Main Features

- You can play with numbers, colors, shapes and fruits.

- Generates infinity of various sudoku.

- 5 different ranges plus one the place you'll be able to select the preliminary number of mounted numbers.

- Annotations.

- Undelete.

- Clues.

- Records.

- Information in regards to the present state of your sudoku.

- Solution.

- Auto Save / Load.

- Reset.

- Display that highlights the active component space.

- Sounds.

- Marking of cells.

- Cell highlighting: If you press and maintain the keypad, all numbers equal to the value of the important thing pressed will mild up.

- App Responsive: Fits any display screen size.

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