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Holiday Notebooks - Nomad EducationHoliday Notebooks - Nomad EducationHoliday Notebooks - Nomad EducationHoliday Notebooks - Nomad EducationHoliday Notebooks - Nomad Education

Nomad Education Vacation Books is the fun utility to revise with the family from CP to CM2, entirely written by National Education Teachers. Digital variation of paper success, to do alone or with the family!

In their Vacation Books App, primary school students and their parents can have fun reviewing or discovering the program thanks to 2,000 corrected quizzes and 500 cards to review key concepts. They will benefit from 1 single account for the whole family. The software is available offline, and covers the curriculum for all Primary courses, from CP to CM2. It deals with all the subjects in the program (math, French, history-geography, science, artwork, English) and is entirely written by National Education teachers.

Your children s' will have fun reviewing the Primary School program by accompanying Plume the Cloud on its journey to find its parents.

⭐A tailor-made, digital and visual environment, without advertising and available offline to motivate your child!

‍ ‍ ‍ Benefit from 1 account for the whole family: parents with several children in primary school can create a profile per child to access the content of each class.

‍ All the 2019 program to find in the Adventure or Notions sections.

☁️ ADVENTURE: Follow the story of a little cloud, Plume, who needs help to find his family. The playful graphics and interactivity will allow your children to test their knowledge after class, during the holidays and throughout the year! Your child will have fun learning while accompanying Plume through different worlds!

✍️ CONCEPTS: More than 1,500 exercises from CP to CM2, classified by subject and chapter to tackle a specific level or review a concept not acquired. The mini-lessons and interactive exercises will help your child to progress in mathematics (Calculation, Mental Math, Geometry, Quantities and Measures, Numeration) and in French (Grammar, Reading and Comprehension, Reading and Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary).

Throughout the PRIMARY, Cahiers de Vacances is the reference utility for revising in a fun way with corrected quizzes and entirely available offline!

For dad and mom, Cahiers de Vacances lets you track your children's progress and time spent in the app! Rest assured: Cahiers de Vacances offers a secure, educational universe, and without advertising.

Your child will love to study! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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