Block the Pig

By Sun Temple

Block the PigBlock the PigBlock the PigBlock the PigBlock the Pig

Place hex blocks in the method in which of the fugitive pig in Block the Pig, a turn-based puzzle game! The guidelines of the game are easy. Tap on an empty cell of the hexagon board to place a block. Before the spherical begins, close the shortest escape routes on the board with 3 bonus blocks. The pig will then run away from the hex maze. Place a new block after each move the pig makes, until there is no way out! As rounds advance, the hexagon maze turns into sparser and the pig blocking quest trickier. The number of puzzles within the sport is infinite. Beat the highest rounds of the opposite players within the leaderboards! Unlock achievements and enhance your spatial wits for free!


★ countless random levels on a hex board

★ stress-free ambient atmosphere

★ cute piggy!

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