Big Bad Ape

By gametornado

Big Bad ApeBig Bad Ape

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a large ape that smashes automobiles, eats humans, and may do as much destruction as you need, then today considered one of your dreams has come true.

A giant gorilla unfastened within the streets of the town, you control it and may make a carnage within the metropolis. And it isn't these little armed safety guards that will stop you, not even the soldiers with her machine weapons rifles and even much less military tanks and special forces helicopters. The raw power of your gorilla and its incredible power is enough to terrorize all people you meet ! Have no pity, devour every thing you find, exterminate all dwelling beings and demolish automobiles, buildings and boats!

Some apes just need bananas to be joyful, however this big dangerous ape would not. Help him to unleash his hatred on humans by destroying a complete metropolis, just like the T-Rex did as soon as. Rush via the streets as the large furry gorilla, leap on cars, hit humans as you attempt to trigger buildings to fall down. The more chaos you cause, the upper your score.

Break out of the lab, and wreak havoc upon human civilization! The massive, unhealthy ape desires revenge. You can crush buildings, throw cars, and eat individuals. Nearly everything in your path could be destroyed. Jump onto rooftops for a greater way to launch your victims!

Brought to the big city to serve as leisure for the ignorant plenty, flip the table in your captors and entertain yourself by flattening the place and eating all of them. As the police and military are knowledgeable of your energy trip, cope with more durable and extra dangerous enemies.

Game developed by gametornado.

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