Barnyard Games For Kids

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Barnyard Games For KidsBarnyard Games For KidsBarnyard Games For KidsBarnyard Games For KidsBarnyard Games For Kids

Fun and academic games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 months and up! Great for preschool and kindergarten aged children

21 games in a single! Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating, and lots of enjoyable! Have your children study counting, shapes, colours, and the alphabet whereas being entertained! Perfect for preschool and kindergarten ages.

Includes two video games games free of charge. Unlock all 21 by way of a simple in-app purchase:

Fun Games:

- Tap Farm: Fun animal sounds and animations on the farm, together with cows, dogs, pigs, cat, and extra

- Tap Zoo: More animal sounds and animations on the zoo, together with elephants, bears, lions, monkeys, and more

- Tap Ocean: Interact with playful and interesting ocean life, make them swim, play, do flips, or extra!

- Shapes and Colors: Learn shapes and colors with helpful voice narration, a requirement for kindergarden

- Alphabet Bounce: Teach your kids the alphabet with colourful bouncing balls, step one in the direction of reading

- Farm Puzzles: Drag and drop animals to construct fun farm puzzles

- Two Step Directions: Help your toddler learn to pay attention better and follow multi-step directions

- Categories: Learn to group comparable objects into categories, an necessary kindergarden talent

- Balloon Burst: Great for hand eye coordination and keeping kids entertained

- Animal Find: Help youngsters determine animals and their sounds

- Counting Jumble: Help with counting to 10, important for preschool and kindergarten

- What's Missing: Help your toddler listen and spot things that are missing

- Animal Memory: Improve memory in this matching recreation for kids

- Number Order: Go beyond counting by studying what comes earlier than and after every quantity

- Fruit Slingshot: Just plain enjoyable for toddlers and children

- Shadow Matching: Improve your child's crucial pondering by identifying a shadow and descrip

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