By Baims Education


Tired of privacy, advice and expenses? Private now, you have it while you are in your place

How are you?

• Beams is an educational program in which all university materials are photographed in high quality with the best teachers

• You can subscribe to the material and see all The lessons that are in it anytime you want and from any place you sit in

• You can repeat the lessons as often as the length of the course shows as long as you participate in the course

• The material note is present with the videos and you can print it along from inside The program

• If there is something that you have understood from the videos, you can write or photograph your question or record your voice and give the teacher the right to answer you as soon as possible

What are the features of the program?

• The ability to easily browse the courses by viewing all the material contents in one place.

• Easily watch videos with the ability to accelerate the video to 2x.

• Ease of searching for courses

• Choose the field you like, such as photography, marketing or programming, and browse all the courses in it

• Alerts arrive if your trainer adds a new course or a new lesson or someone answers your question

• Wade other things, we want you to discover them yourself and tell us your opinion about them;)

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