Baby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for Newborn

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Baby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for NewbornBaby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for NewbornBaby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for NewbornBaby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for NewbornBaby Tracker, Feeding, Diaper, Sleep for Newborn

Baby Tracker is an easy and reliable babycare assistant on your Newborn. With only a quick one-handed faucet, you'll be able to easily report breastfeeding, bottle feeding, milk pumping, solid feeding, diaper changing, sleep sample, progress information, and so forth. a hundred% free!

Baby Feeding Log

- Use breastfeeding timer to track breastfeeding time for every breast

- Log all the baby's bottle feeding (breast milk, method milk, cow milk, goat milk, and so forth)

- Track and document your new child child's response to solids feeding (preference or allergic reaction)

Diaper Change Tracker

- Record how many diapers are changed daily

- Track your baby's pee and poop, and faster response to dehydration, constipation or diarrhea

Parenting collectively

- Share along with your partner or family members about information of child's feeding, diaper altering, sleeping, and so on.

- Instantly sync your baby's data between a number of devices. a hundred% free.

Baby Sleep Tracker

- Record baby's daily sleep time and length

- Know the milestone that your baby starts sleeping through the night time

Growth Tracker

- Assess your child's improvement, and examine in opposition to world averages

- Adjust the expansion chart for untimely child

Worried about not remembering the subsequent feeding and diaper altering?

Don't fear, you can set easy and dependable reminders in the app to remind you.

Can't answer doctors or caregivers once they inquire about your child?

Newborn Baby Tracker summarizes information in intuitive graphs about feeding, sleep, pee, poop, and temperature, makes it simple to track all of the necessary information for doctors and caregivers.

If I even have twins or triplets, can I use this app?

Yes, Newborn Baby Tracker permits you to change infants. You can document a number of child's activi

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