AULAPP - Digital Learning Platform

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AULAPP - Digital Learning PlatformAULAPP - Digital Learning PlatformAULAPP - Digital Learning PlatformAULAPP - Digital Learning PlatformAULAPP - Digital Learning Platform

AULAPP is a best digital platform for Schools and Content Producers and offers an incredible and innovative experience for teachers and students.

We are a Digital Learning Platform - AULAPP - ideal for Schools and Entrepreneurs create and publish courses privately or to launch themselves as a themed product for the general public.

We believe in quality education available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We deliver the best solution for managing and developing learning, creating content, distributing digital courses, ensuring the best experience for all users.

AULAPP provides an engaging experience for teachers and students. The application version is called Student's Virtual Room and Teacher Virtual Room.

With the AULAPP application version, users (teachers and / or students) access:

Published content ( texts, images, videos, audios)

Simple and gamified activities




Area of ​​direct communication between teachers and students

Notification area

Pedagogical efficiency reports

AULAPP also presents itself with a web version with editing tools and management that facilitate the work of managers, coordinators, teachers, tutors, curators and students from educational institutions.


Management Area (strategic administrative and pedagogical management area of ​​the institution)

Content Production Area (area of ​​the content creator with tools for creating, editing and publishing classes, simple and gamified activities, assessments, forums and simulations)

Virtual Student Room (student learning area in Web and Mobile versions)

Virtual Teacher's Room (management and relationship area of ​​the teacher / tutor in the Web and Mobile versions)

Integration with the client's organizational structure (units, centers, disciplines, courses, teachers, management

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