By Julius Planteur


The entire Abitur-relevant knowledge combined in one network!

All students are united in a network, a node, a concentration of knowledge.

The knowledge of all students and teachers comes together here and is available to everyone free of charge!

According to the principle of exchange and the motto: Everyone benefits from everyone!

The central high school diploma is written in all federal states. That means uniform topics and high school exams for every student. These central tasks and topics allow and almost require a possibility of central learning. Abiunity offers such an opportunity!

Here, okay, pupils can prepare for the central high school diploma in their state across all schools. The Abitur community is not only intended for students, but also for teachers or other volunteers who want to support students on their way through the Abitur. Everything that serves the purpose of exchange and could offer help to others can be collected here: whether presentations, lectures, texts, homework or other things. Questions also meet answers here.

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