Padres (step by step, sample questions, high school pamphlets)

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Padres (step by step, sample questions, high school pamphlets)Padres (step by step, sample questions, high school pamphlets)Padres (step by step, sample questions, high school pamphlets)

The new Padres app is the first course application that provides the content of all courses to high school students.

Padres students can solve all their academic problems for free and quickly.


Padres free content includes sample questions, pamphlets, sample questions (first and second-between-turns), loading of instructional videos.

The new Padres has more content than previous versions For students, the following is the content that the new Padres app provides for you.

Padres VII: This part of Padres includes all the content of seventh grade courses. Seventh graders can use the 7th Padres app to have step-by-step sample questions, textbooks, and instructional videos. And the eighth graders can have instructional videos, sample questions, pamphlets and, most importantly, the solution of the exercises in the eighth grade.

Ninth grade: The ninth year students of the first year of high school can From the new Padres app, have sample questions, booklets and step-by-step lessons as well as lesson videos.

Padres 10: 10th year high school students whose field of study is mathematics and physics, experimental sciences and humanities Yes, they can solve all their academic problems by using the 10th Padres.

The 11th Padres: Students of this course who study in theoretical fields can use the new 11th Padres application step by step, sample question , Booklets as well as all educational videos are available for free.

Padres 12: Students who have an entrance exam and are studying in the twelfth grade are also available with Using the 12th Padres, all the required content for the final exams and entrance exams is available to them without paying any cost. And will be shared by students of technical and vocational colleges

In the end, all students and teachers who are interested and would like the content of their lessons to be published in Padres should be in contact with Padres.

You can also back up your comments in addition to Padres

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