Admission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and exams

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Admission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and examsAdmission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and examsAdmission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and examsAdmission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and examsAdmission: Curriculum planning, entrance exam testing, counseling and exams

To get the rank you want and get accepted to the university or the upcoming exam, you can also join the group of 300,000 people who have already installed the admission and achieved brilliant results. In the 98 exam alone, more than 81 people from the single-digit and double-digit ranks of the bachelor's exam were accepted.

Acceptance with any level of preparation you have with the following facilities by your side:

1) Smart personal lesson planning:

- Provide a personal plan for you.

2) Access to the test and textbooks of textbooks of reputable publications and the possibility of making the test:

- Smartening the textbooks of reputable publications and solving textbook problems instead of the printed version and PDF

- Transparency in providing content and access to book titles and the possibility of viewing the first lesson of each book for free and conducting a pre-purchase test

- Buy a digital version up to 80% Cheaper than the print version, PDF or other readers and the possibility of benefiting from the economic packages of acceptance publication, including the collection of books of each academic year

- providing educational process reports, performance analysis and smart educational suggestions and benefits From consultants with a history of acceptance

- Holding a comprehensive and timely exam with the possibility of thematic classification and lesson by lesson with descriptive answers

- Publications whose books can be accepted in the application Purchase and use: Innovators, Mehromah, Khoshkhan, Niknejam, Senate, Cheragh Danesh, Jozan, Pouran Pajoohesh, Azadandishan, Allameh Heli, Bani Hashemi, Nasir, Razmandegan

- Ability to download textbooks for education and training , Step-by-step books for all courses, Bank Sawa Lots of previous years, sample entrance exam questions, textbook, practice solution

3) Online and telephone counseling by the top ranks of the entrance exam:

Depending on the type of your application and the rank you want You are earning and also the amount of effort you want to make, all kinds of counseling levels will be provided to you by the top ranks of the entrance exam and the excellent students.

4) Participate in the online teacher class:

You can attend your teacher classes online and send them your assignments through admission and even call the teacher for free.

5) Admission League:

Other users of the contest to find out who is the bloodiest of all lessons! Winners of special prizes will be accepted :)

6) Free download of all textbooks:

Instead of browsing various sites to find education textbooks, Download any book you need for admission for free.

7) Online exam

Admission to the second high school (high school) Bachelor exam:

Twelfth Mathematics and Physics

Twelfth Experimental Science

Twelfth Literature and Humanities

Eleventh Mathematics and Physics

Eleventh Experimental Science


Eleventh Literature and Humanities

Tenth Mathematics and Physics

Tenth Experimental Sciences

Tenth Literature and Humanities

Entrance Exam Old system, experimental entrance exam, mathematics entrance exam, humanities entrance exam

pre-university entrance exam

Other admission levels:

Admission for all bachelor's, master's, medical, Paramedicine, USMLE, Driving and Testing, Recruitment Tests and Language also offer an up-to-date question bank

If you need pre-purchase advice or need more information, please contact us:


Telegram: @ghaboliadmin

Tele phone: 02191015391

We are with you until success.

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