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School QuranSchool QuranSchool QuranSchool QuranSchool Quran


Displaying the Qur’an according to the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education for the Holy Qur’an.

- Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia

- Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education Education in Kuwait

- The curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain

- The curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education in Oman

Accounts for students and teachers:

Create more than one account In different educational stages in one mobile.

Recitation and memorization curriculum:

Distinguishing the recitation and memorization curriculum for different grades and classes.

Recitations for famous reciters:

Recitations by more than 10 famous readers and listen to them online and without.

1. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

2. Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim

3. Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar

4. Sheikh Abdullah Basfar

5. Sheikh Muhammad Ayyub

6. Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi

7. Sheikh Mishary Al-Afasy

8. Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly

9. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Minshawi

10. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Minshawi and children

11. Sheikh Khalifa Al Tunaiji

12. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ajmi

Attractive design:

Suitable for children in early school stages.

Change the color of the Quran:

4 different colors for the pages The Qur’an suits all tastes.

My Achievements:

Encouragement prizes for the surahs that the student completed recitation and memorization.

Memorization Service:

Facilitating the process Memorize the verses by repeating them.


Memorize the last place in which the student finished recitation or memorization.

Share with us your suggestions and comments to improve the application via our Twitter account @ moshafmadrasy or via email [email protected]

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