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Master Bank (educational content)Master Bank (educational content)Master Bank (educational content)Master Bank (educational content)Master Bank (educational content)

Ostadbank tutor application is a complete reference for getting sample exam questions, problem solving, textbooks and choosing the tutor you want. By downloading and installing the Ustadbank application, in addition to using the content of the tutorial, you can also choose the closest private tutor to your place of residence.

Advantages of the Ustadbank application:

Sample course questions file Important from elementary to entrance examination

Problem solving file Important lessons from elementary to entrance examination

School textbook file from elementary to entrance examination

Ability to view files offline

Ability to view the list of Iran's top private tutors in elementary, high school, college entrance exam, university and foreign languages ​​

Why is Ostadbank one of the best private tutoring institutions?

Official teachers and top ranks of the entrance exam: A collection of the best teachers of each city are present in Ostadbank.

Ensuring the correctness of resumes: Ostadbank, in order for the correctness of the resumes of its teachers, interviews with them And has a telephone.

Best price guarantee: Ustadbank professors have more reasonable prices than other professors with similar resumes.

Survey of all Ostadbank students: By viewing the students' comments in the profile Each teacher can have more confidence in choosing the desired teacher Find you.

Supported by Sharif University of Technology Accelerator: Ustadbank was established by Sharif University graduates and is supported by the accelerator of the same university.

Sample Video Teaching by Professors: You can even watch the sample video Teachers 'teaching in their profile, get a full understanding of how to teach and express your desired teacher.

To view our teachers' resumes, prices and other educational services, install the MasterBank application.

Also help us get better by sharing your thoughts.

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