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This program is for all mines, tenths, elevenths and twelfths. And the old system can also use it. We will give you a booklet and a test and soon we will give you a study program so that you can sit and study comfortably.

This program has three main parts


Teaching 0 to one hundred All courses, tip workshops and tests and preparation for the final exam are completely free. This means that there are more than 6,000 hours of free instructional videos in Alaa and the whole booklet is good.

In the courses of zero to one hundred Alaa, the complete textbook training is provided conceptually, accurately and far from the margin for free.

In point and test workshops, solving the high number of tests will strengthen your testing skills

and in preparation for the final exam, you will learn how to write in the exam, tips It's important to review and prepare for a successful descriptive test

Alaa Association

Alaa Association is a place where you can interact with other Alai and ask your own lesson questions or see the rest What do they do to succeed and listen to them and ask them any questions you have.

Here you can find a whole lot of good virtual and real friends, friends who will be with you in the most difficult moments of life.

Alaa Conferences:

In conferences, the goal is a quick and professional review that summarizes all the topics and consolidates the readings, these conferences are arranged at a low cost, which With the help of these, you will grow faster and you will be able to get free services Preserve and develop.

Every day and every week a whole new movie is added to Alaa, each of which can be crucial for you.

Thank God Alaa is free and always Will remain free.


- we do not collect any delicate knowledge

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