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Éducadhoc: a utility full of resources!

Éducadhoc allows you to consult your digital resources, online or offline, on all your devices.

The application got a makeover for the start of the 2021 school year to match your teaching: a brand new interface, simpler, more intuitive, designed for and thanks to you.

And still, many features to personalize and energize learning:

Features for sharing and exchanging with students.

Lesson preparation features, personalization and projection in class.

Rich and interactive resources: quizzes, audio, videos and so on.

Éducadhoc is the partner of school publishers Bertrand Lacoste, Didier, Docéo, Dunod, Foucher, Fontaine Picard, Hachette Education, Hatier, Istra, Le Génie and Maison des Langues.

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